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Samtökin 78 – The Icelandic Organization of Lesbians and Gay Men

Grants for Final Projects at the University of Iceland

The Icelandic Organization of Lesbians and Gay Men, Samtökin ’78,
announces the availability of grants to support final projects at the
University of Iceland in 2006. The grants will be awarded to students
working on projects for the completion of the B.A. or M.A. degree (or
equivalent degrees).

The purpose of the grants is to encourage research and scholarship in the
social and cultural conditions of gays and lesbians in Iceland, for
example in the field of social studies, the humanities, medicine, law,
theology, or economics.

The total amount of the grant is ISK 100.000, but the committee has the
discretion to apportion this sum among several applicants. Recipients will
also be offered three months’ access to a study room at the Lesbian and
Gay Community Center and free use of its library.

A three-member committee, set by Samtökin ’78, will evaluate the
applications and make its reccommendation to the governing board.
Applications should describe the objective of the proposed research, its
utility, and the methodology to be employed. The name of the applicant’s
advisor should be included, and it is preferable that the advisor provides
a statement concerning the applicant’s aptitude for the proposed research.
Send all materials to Samtökin ’78, P.O.Box 1262, 121 Reykjavík. Iceland.
The application deadline is February 1, 2006.

For further information, contact the executive director of Samtökin ’78. / Tel. 552 7878

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